good mornin to ya :)
wot the hell hav ye been up ta lately,hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm, bugger knows wot i,s did ta the old code this morn, in one of me editting moods which meanzthat summit is gonna be goin really pear shaped real soon, bugger knows how the text all changed colour and gets highlighted, more witchcraft if ye ask me

lets see aha fixed it :) so yesturdey woz frivilous fursdey, yeaaaaaaaaa, wots did u do then bazza boy :) hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, haha, the usual stuff :0 nippy sweetie, full contact shoppin of the pizza kind, some mental DVD,S and mash the damn FONE :)the usual well balanced stuff,then wents ta bed early, played wit me knob,skanger was tired and has a cold sore, tink she,s been hangin abouts wit that eskimo crowd again, so this mornin i just didn,t wanna get outta bed, bollox to this gettin up early lark,the stench of sulphur this morning and the over night plague of frogs

Ragnarok had descended on us courtesy of the fat goth who has just moved in next door
, not just some goth, but the son of thor ,imself, feck...........the fecker has ginger hair,hehehehe,.............the music wasn,t too loud was it.........nah mate it was just shite..........heh....wot type of music are u inta...dont feckin like music...OH ok then....OI thor move yer feckin car ya bollox ye..i do hav a way with old norse gods and the like,

Anyways last day of the workin week, thankfully,was totally knackered when i eventually got home last night, even one of the geezers on the gate last night remarked..you look like someone whose just finished a hard days work, the savagery of his wit nearly made me forget, for just an instant mind you to administer a severe beatin to ,im, so upon receipt of payment a damn good kickin was meted out,saracasm is a dish best left in the refridgerator especially in the face of superior violence, intellect and wot have u, or maybe i,m just a cranky fuck :(

So the past few days have been a bit of a pain in the hoop, havin ta do work and stuff, well, wot is that about, been busy as hell over the past few weeks, i mean if folks are inta that type of thing ok, slavin away for shit money, bein polite courteous, helpful and all that shit, wtf, i,m not inta that type of thingy at all, i,m a feckin security geezer, give me a situation where shoutin can help resolve an issue and i,m yer man............. love the snappy come backs too..look there,s no reason to shout..look fuckwit, i,m shouting because reason has long since left the vicinty

Zeitgeist whatever the hell that means, summit ta do wit trends and stuff, the details on wot brings peeps ta dis ,ere piece of shit, it,s nice ta see that calimarie and cherish are still up their on the leaderboard, not number one mind you, but they are up ther which all that matters, two of loveliest individuals you coulds ever come across they does be, but the individuals who have actually bookmarked this page and visit on a damn near daily basis, ........well thats just plain twisted, get out more,

of late my perambulations have taken on an amble of a slighlty more sedate and profound but still none the less an elegant gait, ye see i,m deceptively slow, people think i,m actually movin faster than i really am, it,s meaningful delibrate and a joy ta wotch, thats wot these peeps pay big money for, the contempt that i treat them with only enhances my reputation as a geezer not to be taken lightly,hah, me well i couldnt give a monkeys toss, i,m not remotely arrogant, i just am better than you :) eh where were we , :)


Danny boy in the next estate up from us, must have fallen asleep on the old night shift, he woke up the other mornin there to find a freakin caravan had been abandend in the middle of the feckin bus lane, not a small caravan either , one of these big fuck off residential ones, how he expalined ,is way outta that one must have been good :)

anyhoo thats aboot it for this week , off to enjoy the weeken, so i is, for those folks who tinks, jeez he must be mellowing a bit, dont be freakin silly,

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