0nce again itsa me, this lovely background colour believe it or not is called ..........GOLDENROD, heh :)
wtf , loads of guff on da telly past few days bout the interweb net type thingy, wot is that really sbout, eh, some geezer goin on yet again bouts myspace and bebo, wot point are ye tryin ta make anyhoo, folks are at risk from folks who are abusers regardless of the medium, tryin ta say that the net provides peeps wit anonymity and easy access to folks who might be suceptible to coercion, aggressive chat ups and the like are bullshittin ye, def got an agenda all of their own which has nuthin to do with the general publics interests, the cheap hand at the mo seems to be ta play the paedophilia hand, hmmmmmmmmmm, if ye do then yer probs a dodgy cnut yerself, bit of scaremongering goin on there, playin on parents fears, is that genuinely how ye relay a news item, is this abuse of folks over the net so wide spread, are ye manufacturing this stuff, cos ye won,t cover other items, feck they,ve even turned it inta entertainment and havin storylines with folks grooomed over the web in yer fav progs, wtf is that aboot, i know one mental case who has broadband and has reached such a level of paranoia bouts their net useage and their vulnerability, on closin down firefox and the like turns the puter off then proceeds to unplug every cable and connection the freakin thing has ???????????????????????? jings me dear, they cant creep down the wires and get ya,

Who is the main culprit in the sexualising of our kids, wot where the makers of the film Thirteen really tryin ta prove, who was the bleedin thing aimed at, which age group, why the fuck did folks at Corrie really think it was necessary to have some under aged bird knocked up, remember it always has been a commercial product whose shelf life pertinence is totally immersed in bottom line statistics, and why the feck did you watch it and put up with it

Here,s one why d,ye think it is needed to be able ta surf anon. TORPARKit offer ya secrecy, d,ye really need it though, cookies spyware, pop-ups, spam, a minor irritation really,all easily dealt with, it,s a piece of piss to monitor yer kids net activities if ye really must, also ye can limit wot they can access without resorting to extreme measures, rushin aroun buyin usless feckin software, and the likes of google where the feck d,ye think they get all their cache,s and snapshots from, who feckin hosts all these sites tha ye would like ta see banned , regulated or legislated, or would ye rather fight some deranged lunatic from oldgasket drawers on sea than take on the large corporations who are makin a mint outta some of yer misguided believes

On da goggle box this mornin, some mad bird rantin on bouts the weather, hmmmm, no change there then, the weather over tha past couple o years has been turned inta fuckably presented infotainment with the possibilty of showers and head wind :)
now she was presenting some item or other from me hometown bouts the weather, from the beach to be exact, at this time of the year at 6 in the bleedin morn it is pitch dark in scotland, she could have been stood anywhere bleedin where, how the hell would you know, wot the hell was the point of the whole thing i dont know either, just cause ye can sensationalise an event doesn,t mean that ye should or best serves the public interest

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