HAHA YA FECKERS..........................SCOTLAND
guess who went and won again,brilliant innit :), it,s better than those sorry feckin dubhs :(
when opporchancity presents itself take , em from behind OOO-EERR MISSUS
Norn Ireland beat Spain, good win as well too, Healy scoring a cracker of a hat trick,
Germany totally humped San Marino,
other than that i couldn,t give a bollox, Engerlund beat Macedonia, must have been Alexanders day off, probably came down wit a dose of bechephulus, anyhoo thats the start to the european campaign, scotland top the group ,strange days indeed :)

did i forget to mention wales, like fuck i did :)

other stuff Blair is bouts ta quit bein president of the UK, hmmmmmmmm , it,s not wot you can do for yer country Tony it,s wot yer country can do for you, yer fired,
wonder if e has to register wit the job centre???
probably be one of the cptains on question of sport in future, or maybe even top gear,

not alot else happenin, cept its payday, yeah ,i fink,

heres one for old scrot bag- iz gr8 2 c sctlnd winin 4 a chng, n , fu ya scrot :)txt spk roolz ya cfn dgr

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