So guess wot ,appened then
no really
had evrythin set up for gettin me wonder PC upgraded ta windows 74 or some other thingy, then nuthin,
which probably means they will turn up next week some time when we,s really really busy and naff off wit the macjine for bouts 3 mnths or so
nots ta worry or owt
long as it doesn,t interfer wit IT,s lunch breaks, which should be just bout finished mid-october,
...eh.d,ya know wots wrong wit yer machine then???.........
.yea it,s a piece of shit.
...nah like wots technically wrong with it......
.yea it,s a piece of shit.........
so were still ploddin away on this thing which continues ta freeze, takes ages ta load anything, good job i don,t need the thing for anything, hah, but i have become very fond of it?? not like me old tangerine dream or owt, but fond od it none the less, even though i could genuinely take it inta the carpark and deliver a basil fawlty style beatin to the damn thing at times, but how else would i communicate with all the mindless mass,s, is there an other way possible that you can berate, belittle, beat down so many peeps with one keystroke, well maybe its only bout 3 a day, but it does make me feel ,.well powerful, makes me bleedin horny as well, i,ve actually just flipped over me keyboard wit a slight semi just there, heh ,

anyhoo, mair fitbae the nite, translate it you selfs, get in there scotland, we can only live in hope :) been scorin a few wee goals in our last cuppla outings, should do wonders for the confidence :)

other than that total of bugger all going on, i,m in a absolute pisser of a mood as well be warned :(

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