OK ya bunch of plebs wot izzit this time,.hmmm.well, anyways see yer back again, now i get paid for bein here wots the hampden roar wit you,
anyhoo, gets ta work this mornin, the usual catch de bus, lookin as smart as fuck as per norm, no i aint da boss am only an apprentice Bhoy, hahaha, me crombie, me brolly, creases in me trousers that can cut metal, i,m a flash git but so wot, OI are you sittin on me ,at.
sometime in november its independence day in poland?????????????????? whatever the feck that means, wot are they independent of, commonn sense, human values the moscowvitch, wot exactly and how can the entire populus of a country smell so feckin awful, i mean there,s i standin on da bus, freshly showered, gel-ed and smelled of the hugo boss variety and there,s some fowl smellin pers besides ya, course i tells ,em......excuse me mate but your mingin.it,s not bein rude trust me..cleanliness is next to godliness, and if that asshole gets on the bus tomorra smellin the same his god will be the next person he meets, anyhoo back ta independence day for poland, no doubt some smart fuck from fingal council has arranged to spend all our hard earned cash to some dumbwitted scheme involving overseas trips to.well overseas, multinational piss-ups and visits to knockin shops so as ta spread the message of brotherly love?? but as for personally celebrating polands national day, there is no way am i shovin a cabbage up me arse, dont care how traditional it is, feckers

Other stuff, well there aint much other, oh there,s been shit loads ,appenin, tryin to just ignore most of it, all in all yesterday was a bit of a bummer, doesn,t seem to be an easy way out for the stupid feckers from saturday, havin there wee disagreement,hah, did,nt have any info on the geezer the plod phoned me aboot, hhmmm, try not ta read too much inta these things but hey the old soft top tends to go into overdrive, then some stupid fecker knaks the swipe card system just as i is bouts ta go home, bollox. anyhoo that was fixed pretty pronto, would have been a bit of a bugger if i went home and the night shift couldn,t get movin about the place or even worse not get into the buildin..........

So makin ma way home las nite.........journey to the centre of blanch, i drops in on me one of me mates who works down da centre, naturally E,s a security guard, old school e is, a genuine pillock, ,ow ya doin baz.like me new suit,we,ve just been taken over by dis noo company, brill so it is!!!!!!!!!!! wot like ye gettin more money...eh no.......... more hours........eh no......wot company car, pension scheme free dentistry.eh no ...wot then.........eh ggot this noo soot...it,s dead gear mate,,,,,,,,,,hhhmmmm yea it looks it,,,ya twat faced fanny bollox........:).........oh i,ve got me interview wit hmv done, went very well......ahem mate your mentally feckin ill you is,

anyhoo mundane nites TV, wtf is that aboot, used ta be ye got stuff like lost, worth the wotchin, well personally i used ta spoil it for other folks by try into have a sniff at there panties, but then again wot was me options, go square eyed lookin at the goggle box or go blind wit the wobbler in me shorts, so i took the obvious option which is why to this day i have such a keen view on the world as i do :)
other shit thats on the telly, a couple of big marys runnin abouts tellin ye yer livin room should be lavender, would ye ever feck off, re-designing your livin space......this is the main sittin room, the hub of the household, fuck off mate yer freakin barmy, wot size of feckin telly is that..piss off will ya........i knows me sittin room is not very big, but fuck course it needs a 52" feckin plasma screen wots wrong wit ya, couldnt give a shite if i donts have curtains, course i wants everyone in the street ta know mines bigger than yours ya twat..and so wot bouts the stereo.........yea the speakers are mental massive, bangin they is, it cant be too loud, and yea it is only natural for me to bung it up full blast and then go stand in the back garden and not listen to the shit it,s playin, i,s a geezer i doesn,t need plumped up cushions, freakin candles, pot pourri or glade feckin plug-in,s, big feckin telly,table for me ta puts me feets on, X box, big feckin cd player and pizza chinese and indian on the speed dial, oh and the flash italian fanny magnet parked in the drive, so that bouts it for now, we,ll see how the day progress,s :)

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