well its monday morning should really be used to it being a shite day by now, but nope, it still manages to throw up a few suprises,arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh
not big into suprises either ,
fisrt thing this after returning from yet another weekend off.....................did ye read my incident report.wot bleedin incident.........one of the guys from the contracting company threatned one of the workers with a knife..o would ye ever fuck off...........i,ve filed the report and sent it to head office............ya stupid bollox........So i read the report, ah yer kiddin me, somebodies granda bout 5ft nuthin is supposedly went for a couple a geezers....my arse..there,s more chance of beig attacked by an oompahloompah, or as the famous healy phrase- being savaged by a sheep, load of utter wank the incident was, could have been dealt with by tellin the pair of bollox to get the fuck outta of it, but nope, reports to management, contractors, HR, all the usual suspects in these case,s, once it,s reported action has to follow, stupid bollox, rarely does anythin positive come out of it, could have been glossed over and eventually forgotten about, both parties knowing they behaved like utter twats, usually the threat from me given them a right good boot up the hole does enough to stop folks misbehavin in future, ........we do get wee incidents like this now and again, mad feckers tryin to runs ye over, folks gettin hostile and takin up aggressive postures and such like, there usually dealt with there and then, hostilities cease and no malice is allowed to ferment, really a lot of the situations are still of the handbags at dawn category, never as bad as folks make out, can be dealt with easy enough cause certain factors, technique, feckin ability and experience, wot is it wit these feckers that have to make every feckin thing inta some sort of drama, tossers tossers tossers,
in this case it was a case of a few wee swearies where exchanged, thats abut it, reports being filed by someone just a wee bit too eager to prove that they should be workin here, so the wheels are set in motion for a pair of silly bollox to lose there jobs, because they behaved like twats.........ye try tellin some of the muppets who i work with that, we are not here to do that sort of shite, we,rre here to avoid it, defuse situations before they get outta hand,
shite i,ve been in a lot more dodgy situations than wot happened at the weekend, never stop bein amazed at the over reaction of some folks, OOOOOOOOOOO it was a life threatin situation, as if their life was worth feck all in the first place, folks expect a lot from security services these days, dont worry though they are billed for it, sure a lot of security are made up of folks from eastern europe with ropey english, minimal common sense, a copule of months of eitjer being in the armed forces of zoravia or some other shitehole, or some third rate ninth world police force, ok so still the vast majority of security work is watchman type stuff, we all dont do that, there is the opportunity to make good money at security, without becoming a poodle to some fuckwitted muso or pain in the hole actor type,
Anyways this is turnin inta a lon post :(
Bear wit me a wee bitty longer :)

got one of those phone calls this mornin....hello its the old bill here,,,,,, would ye happenin to have details on such and such....we have found a bag containig some ones personal effets, cloths photographs , their diary wit your phone number innit, could ye give us any info, ....ok see wot i,s can do, so go through the usual routine, hr- employment records. nuthin, shift records, nowt, swipe card door entry system, bugger all..gives the geezer a phone back and just say.have nuthin matchin that name ta present, dont offer any other info to the geezer as he is a professional, he knows where and how to look, but feck all the morbid bastards ye had to deal with gettin any sort feedback, wots wrong, have ye found a body......eh aye , i think it was the canteen food that got them, ye stupid bollox, its just an inquiry,

Once had ta walk across an open carpark with a suppose sniper on the feckin roof, wot a brill monday mornin that was turned out ta be a chimney sweep, i was bloody relieved but i bet dick an dyke was shittin his knickers for a couple a days,..........

anyways not a lot else ta say on thes wee incidents, try and keep them to a minimum. cause a little fuss and interuption to folks daily life as possible, we take away the opportunity of theft, even the chance theft, have most areas monitored to the right level so we aren,t becomin intrusive, horsplay is treated as what it is just that, but we still wonder why folks bring their bleedin horse to work, as for the folks who get steamed up and sound off a bit, well, listening is a skill ya know, forever gettin pissed off truck drivers in here, they always easy enough dealt with, cutomer services just aint dealin with folks askin for directions and lookin for lost,
property, we aint here either to make our selves indipensible, sort of buildin ourselves some wee empire just left of the main offices, yep commercial security is just that, whatever ye want at a price, anyhoo havn,t even told ye bouts my weekend, that shouldn,t take up too much space, did feck all, cause i wos skint again bollox :( and for feck sake someone leave some bleedin comments, and yea i do mean you.

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