well once again back in the fray, huh ,seems peeps are gettin a wee bit worked up over the death of some telly celeb who had a bit of a death wish or summit, lets be honest peeps, drawin attebtion to the fact that we need to conserve wildlife and the like although highly admirable the biggest part of the work is carried out by yerself, folks have been doin it for years, supportin the wwf and the likes since they were in school, never did quite see how playin silly buggers with large feckers that eat and bite stuff was anything other than freakin cabaret, great shame that folks lose their da or summit, but did the geezer seriously consider that could be the outcome, what consideration did wotsits face give to his family, some geezer over on mulley net gave a bit of a severe criticism to the events, but then again thats free speech for ya ye dont have ta like it but....the messin about for cameras and ratings with dangerous animals..well.lets be bloody serious, dont think it merits the headlines and praise that everyone is heapin on it, as for the critics of the geezer, well he did pay the ultimate price for his folly,

other stuff..well.ssome strange wee things that seem to be going on,maybe its just me, but lately loads and i do mean loads o folk have been askin, so what happened too what d,ye call them, are they keepin weel, the first person who asked i thought the cheek of ye ya sleezy bollox, but then another and another,hmmmmmmmmmm, havent seen them in ages mate, ye are worried abouts them though aren,t ya, course i is ya mental case, are they doin well....i hope so.but what can i say, hmmmmmmm
was actually taken bye supise quite a bit, initially i thought these gits are just actin the bollox, hurrumpphhh

not a lot else goin on, got some new geezer workin wit me today, give my head peace, over on some othe r blogs- some big issues, the afore mentioned mull.net, did a bit on the steve irwin story, give it a read, some other blogger bugger could be dossing times or planet potato i forget is doin summit on questions ye would like to ask politicians, and over on what i cooked is doin summit bouts the 5 meals ye would like to eat before ye cop yer whack, give em a go, have a read at some o the blogs that are book marked on this page, the comment section on dis blog is anon dinny be scared to drop onein, even if it is just to say cnut, oh by the way who the hell is in prague??????

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