So howzit hangin, back in the old routine yet again,ecch, could do without it to be honest wit ya, but there ye go :(
spent a nice respectable weeken , hheh, yea right, wot i really mean i wasn,t like totally pissed, hmm which is a change didnt have enuff money to get pissed which is a bollox, did though pay all me bills rent and the like, how respectable is that :)

still managed to get to the pub though hehehe, sneaky bollox. watch the footie, yea, ireland lost 1 nil to da chermans, scotland won like 6-0, so i was a right smug bollox for most of saturday night heh,

friday night was rather unspectacular, cant even remember wot i bleedin did it was that borin, saturday i gots all domestic and shit, washin cookin cleanin and whatever, cleaned the freakin oven, jings , tings i,ll do to keep me self busy, freakin minging it was as well, did the drains and defrosted the freezer, i know its not exactly geezer behaviour but ye have to take a time out now and again.

Sunday morn started off quite smart as well, got the old synth inta action, and was havin me a wee sesh, playin like a linty i was, got into depeche mode an just phunked some shit, it was behavin admirably so me synth was a class piece of gear it is indeed, wellying out some old kraftwerk stuff and the like even some no-go disco hah i is a killer on the machine at times, most of the times i just stink, but who cares, i,ve got better toys that you, to all those silly feckers who trundled roun the golf course, MUPPETS

Was ,avin so much fun i nearly was late for me lunch date, feck ye cant be late for lunch ya know, the idea was right , to have a spot of lunch a few mind you glass of some charming but inexpensive vino hah, 1bottle only?? dont know which one of us failed the basic maths, but fail one or more of us did, never mind, so onward we headed this confederacy of dunces into the extended after lunch conversations that is bullshit, and boy do we excell in that minefield :)
topics wide and varied heh, ghost stories OH DEARIE, shaggy dog tails, no genuinely, tales bout dogs and cats and the like, holiday and school reminisces??? feck, laments on our parents!!! wide ranging stuff heh, was great fun...but then.dada dah....so tell us all about ye know, eh, this is a subject that was always taboo, never speakin bouts it afore, which will probably suprise some folks but the subject really was off-limits previously, no that i had much to tell, they seemed to know a lot anyways i was kinda just fillin in bits and correcting some wee inaccuracies, they did ask the one big question that i always avoided, but as i didnt have the answer what can ye do ????????? confusin innit, got a few loose ends to tie up in that area feck knows how i,m gonna go abouts it, but it needs to be done, was kinda funny ta see folks jump to peeps defense, not that there was anythin said that required it, maybe they were just playin devils advocate or just actin the maggot who knows maybe it was just the chardonnay.

ANYHOO that was the weeken that was, a another real mad thing ha, rearranged the old bedroom furniture??? got the bed inta a diff position, then came back from pub late saturday night and slept in the normal postion for the postion the bed used to be in?? was to bleedin lazY ta walk round the bed and get in the thing properly WTF!!!

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The Sicilian said...

"friday night was rather unspectacular, cant even remember wot i bleedin did it was that borin, "

You have the best weekends of anyone I know.

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