beginning to get seriously pissed off wit some folks here, feckin ejits that they are at times, got a couple of seriously smug fuckwits standin in this week, right up their feckin holes they are, jeez naturally is seriously misplaced confidence, couple of dumb fucks, just couldn,t lesve things alone, went and screwed up the door system, no fecker can get in and outta the building now, stupid fuckwit, the utter twats have prob caused someone their job by their eagerness to prove how effecient they are???? now that just aint effeciency, that is plain bein an asshole, now they,ve fucked up, wot should barry do, cover up for them or just deliver a swift chop to the feckin neck
still gonna have ta fix the bleedin door system regardless,

havin ta work late these days which doesn,t exactly make me a happy bunny , gettin up in the morn round bout 5.30am(sheesh) not gettin home til after 8pm, five days a bleedin week as well
, ye dont feel lke doin much when ye gets in the house either, cant really be arsed wit television, even when the champions league is, msut have wotched at the start of 5 different dvd,s then decided, ahhhhh i cant be arsed wit this either,mibbe its a seasonal change type thingy or summit, mibbe i,m just bolloxed by the time i gets home, would tell ye more details of the dvd,s but i cant be arsed wit that either, looks like it,s gonna piss down here the day, happy happy joy joy,

noo here,s a funny thing :) the past few days has seen a rapid decline in the amount of shit that finds it,s way inta me box ????? mailbox that is, it,s great when ye can customise the look of yer mailbox and the like, well me bein a bit of a techno geezer :) opens the mailbox to be greeted by the custom voice i,ve got , you have bugger all messages, how nice, i actually forgot that i had stuck yon thingy on it, wtf i thot, dats a bit odd, nowt even in da spam folder, yeah brilliant, seems to be the first time in a long time that everybody on the net has been happy wit the size of me knob?????????? wot kinda car i,m drivin, me credit status, and so on, msut be all down to the recent windfalls i,ve had from recently deceased long lost relatives in the congo someswhere????????

not alot else goin on at all, gettin the luhs yapped off me by some geezer doin maintenance on the fire alarm system and what have you,.....eerrrrr that net thingy mate, d,ye get much off it.ye know like, one off me mates is on it, and he,s shaggin all the time.........ooooooooooo wot a technocrat, mibbe i spelt that wrong, anyhoo he,s back at the mo best wotch wot am writin just in case e can read over me shoulder :) fink i,ve got a handle on wots happenin wit the door entry system :) other than that, still waitin on all those comments rollin in, also waitin in some peeps gettin back in touch hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it,s down ta you ye know, and i hjope ye all appreciate the bleedin effort i,s went ta this morn wit all these wee text box,s, just cause i aint got shit ta say dont be good reason for tardiness. :) see-ya

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