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okey dokey howzit hangin wit you,this rains beeen playin havoc wit lots of stuff, me ol.puter doesn,t seem ta like the rain much, not that its performance as of late has been starling, beginning to slow down a wee bitty more obviously each day, soon we,ll be comin to a full stop :( wots we gonna do then eh?? ye dont have retirment homes for puters these days, they dont get recycled and sent out ta FAS or summit, just as cheap an easy too replace them, jings just bouts everybody can afford one of the feckers, not that everyone needs one, i,m really just prattling on here, has been an eventful week to date, but bugger if i could be arsed tryin to ellucidate, a couple of wee visitors to this ,ere piece of witchcraft still can,t be enticed inta makin comments heh, try th e/mail address, hah, dont know if some folks browsing habits are just boredom, routine, bad habit or indicative of summit else, ye have been invited to correspond, there is anon comments, if yer waitin for summit of interest or some detrimental comments, well mibbe not this week i,m afraid to knackered this week wit me work load :(
anyhoo i,m really just paddin this thing out now :) more footie tonite, thank feck, summit to wotch on telly, Man U go up against Celtic, although bei a bit of a blue nose i will be cheerin on the scottish side, have ta make an effort to be home afore kick off, probs get half drowned on the way home, anywyas am sittin here at recpt as per ysh bored out of my napper, fit will i dae,

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