bazoonka :) so wots been happenin,we,ve got gale force weather, brill so it is,makes ya just feel like goin out an wotchin feckin golf, heh yea like shit it does, feck em hope they all drown, golfers may not be as big a threat as feckin fudamentalists of any persuasion but fuck if ye dont develope the worst dress sense,if ya genuinely believe that pringle wear is stylish then ye truely are forsaken, ye may have noticed that i,m know able to change da colour of me wee inserts at whim, yep, i am a feckin wizard,must be where we get the phrase pottering about from, well maybe it isn,t.........anyhoo on ta other stuff............

The Thais are revolting, heh, well we all knew that and there food is shite an all, freakin green curries, apparently the stiletto heeled thai armed forces have takin over da country and bitch slapped every fecker inta submission wit the notto whose the daddy now bitch,the former prime minister of spangle land has landed in london and is expected to turn out for leyton orient at the weeken dependin on work permits and contra flow on the m25
, repurcussions to this coup de latte are expected,the weapon of choice once again will be the be the glitter bomb,ah c,mon c,mon , ye,ll never believe it, the fallout of molten gucci, scorched fish nets,liquid mascara and nail extensions has forced people off the streets, causing long term damage to the thai economy, tourism is already on the decline in thailand and tourists have been going down in smaller numbers over the past few years,

other guff...........some mad feckin geezer from that highly contentious prog on da beeb, ya know the one which in no way encourages anti-social behaviour or loutish aggressive behaviour has went and feckin injured ,imself drivin a tea tray at speeds upto 300 feckin miles per hour, bugger knows why speeds like this are deemed necessary or entertaining, and why we,re supposed ta give a shite bout some right of centre cabaret act wit sum type o death wish, it really aint front page news ya know

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