anyhoo, coming to the end of the working week, not a lot happened as per norm, tinkin BOLLOX to the washin machine idea for the time being, buy drink instead, heh, well maybe not, did have a wee nippy sweetie last night, just a small one ye know, nuthin came of it, didn,t expect anythin too anyways.

not a lot else lined up for da weekend, but i will endeavour to enjoy meself, regardless of some folks, big cliff is in his turbo cgarged clean up mode before Lisa gets back from hols with her Ma, ..........YA WANNA COME ROUND AND GIVE ME HAND CLEANING UP....................eh no :) , what the hell did he expect, me to say yes.

anyways enjoy da weekend, it,s footie time once again, Scotland take on bleedin France tomorra, jings crivvens help ma boab,

bye for now

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