monday mornin,wahhey, back at work, tremendous,hung over-even better,not in the mood for feck all-brilliant, at least we didnt get taken up the arse by cyprus, hahahahahahaha, you,se are shit and you know you are,hehehehehehe, not that i,m being smug or owt,LOSERS,

anyways, weekend was the usual piece of crap, weather feckin awful, telly total crap, at least the beer was consistent?????????????????spent the weekend in the company of the usual suspects and very suspect they are indeed, have made lasagne for tea to-nite, be there or feckin starve ya bollox ye,mmmmmmmmmmmm, food at the weekend was kinda a hit and miss affair, friday night gargeled home from pub, feckin empties the cupboard of just abouts everything, freakin nutjob, wot issit wit ya boy, feck, all the shopping that had been previously done on friday nights on the way home was destroyed in a drunken fit of starvation, had actually cooked some Duck in Oyster sauce, nah seriously, for some stupid feckin reason had got it inta me head that i had some company droppin by//wtf where d,ye get this stuff from

i am totally wasted this mornin, feckin eejit as per norm,, can barely freakin see this mornin, feck knows why i,m tellin you anyways,yet another boozy weekend passes by fuck,

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