Aloha and how the hell ye doin, back at the desk yet again, you would think that had no where else to go, feck, so the footie results ,arrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh, Scotland lost, bastard, it was to be expected, playin away in Kiev,Schevchenko and company are a kinda hard team ta beat on their own turf, even though schevchenko is hardly in sparkling form and doesn,t seem to be the threat he was , he still can score goals and motivate the players around him,Ireland went and drew, still not very clever, my arse did it restore a wee bit of faith in the national side, ye lost a home game, whats that then, three losss,s on the trot, all the cries of Staunton must go, now wait a minute here, go where, i dont want the feckin Jonah movin anywhere near me, keep where he is, can cause less harm that way, feckless gobshite, hehehehe ingerlun lost yet again,ahahhahhhahahahaha, hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
to the geezer in goal, you feckin dipshit -
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you suck BIG-TIME................................

NORN iRLAN, went and won again, gettin to be like the team of the 80,s, a place where no one likes to travel to, or a team that anyone really wants ta play, big deal it was Latvia, but it is points in the bag,

more bollox bout bloggers this mornin, hah, feck off would ya, the state of the irish blogosphere??????????????? wtf, give my head piece would ya, so what some folks have daily read of blogs, fair enough, some folks feel compelled to write entries every day, some folks sometimes twice or more,some folks cover aspects of their daily lives, others tells us tale of imaginary events and the like, probably coz they aint got any real friends :) who cares, an i already knows that google bought over you tube, big feckin deal, aint gonna make that much of a difference ta me,
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Libya has stated that it intends to supply, 1.2m school kids with PC,s, kinda cool i suppose, they kinda look like they,ve been built by TOMY, not sure if i wants one ?

would link to the website or the story but there seeme to be a bit of an issue again with blogger, it doesn,t highlight the feckin links anymore and no fecker would eble to see em, so if ye do a wee search for ( one laptop per child ) ye should come acroos thhe web site, the beeb has the story some where or other,

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Forefox 2 is availible to download for folks who like new toys ta mess wit,
usin google spreadsheets and documents at the mo ( yea and so i am ) even though i dont have any reason to use the feckin thing, but its all good clean fun , signing up for just bouts every thing google has ta offer

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