ow the hell are ya this mornin then, back at the desk as usual, hrrruuummmpphhh, havin to consider actually doing some work today, bugger it,s the last thing that i really want ta be doin, but bollox i,m havin ta get meself organised, start actually writing the reports i,ve meant to have been doing all along, daily reports e/mailed to head office and every other bleedin mangager facilities and contractor, keeping a log of whose on-site, gonna have to start keeping track of courier deliveries to the front of house, and then there,s the bleedin mail as well, jeez what is this, i,m only supposewd ta be a dumb ass security geezer, screw all this bleedin pussy work, i,m supposed ta muck abaht i the car park, look at porn, online racing stuff like that, the occassional prank phone call, i,m not meant to be helpful or productive, where did it all go wrong????????????????

Any hoo, udder stuff, hmmmmmmmmmm, wotched a bit of telly last night, some guff on sky news bouts the BEEB, wanting to do away with the licence fee, i think it would mean the inevitible demise of the BBC if the licence fee was abolished, over the years they have come away with innovative programming, first time runs of major drama series, distinctly british telly, comedy what have you, offering the opportunity to playwrights, musicians what have you, cant see Sky TV being arsed with that concept, the drivel thats constantly on, on sky is feckin unbelievable at the best of times, not all of it is shit and repeats, the biggest part is, and feck sky news anyhoo, it,s more of a light entertainment programme anyways than feck all ta do with jounalism, news reporting, it gives a nod to regional areas of the british isles, but i,ll bet they can,t be fucked giving any indepth coverage or reporting to these areas, the BEEB also gives shit loads of other services, minority languages within the UK, umpteen radio stations, national orchestras, regional too, BBC big band all that kinda stuff, if ye allow them to do away with what still is public broadcasting and let bollox face murdoch to run every feckin thing yer seriously mental.

Other pish bout the beeb was the whinging on by a murdoch employee how he thought the bbc were squandering tax payers money by tryin to compete in overseas markets, flogging stuff to the US and the like,eccch, then there was some waffle bouts the beebs website,???????????? think the only point that was made coherently was that sky?fox wanna fuck over the bbc and take the brits up the feckin arse, they have bouts two interest in actual braodcasting, fuck all and none

mind you there was some wank on the bbc web pages the other day buts spam and the like. now feck spam aint that bleedin difficult to deal with, gets bout 2500 spam in me gmail account alone, i dont spend much time reading owt that i dont wanna ,jeez it is easy to set up filters ,gets round abouts 3000 mail a week in various accounts, only bout 100 or so are from peeps i know, but fuck spam is as easy as handlin circulars and sales bumph that get shove thru yer letter box, ye hav ta be a bit of a wank to fall for some of the crap, did ye really think ye had a long lost relative in the congo some where,

Work related shit!!!!!!!!!!!!hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
security guards are notorious messers, forever messin about with stuff and feckin it up, it was the turn of the CCTV during the night once again, well barry can you fix this, feck course i can fix this, but it gets ya to wonderin why this feckin eejit is messin up the cctv on a regular basis these days, are you stalking someone ya fecker ye, a quick search thru the machine makes it wee bit obvious the machine is malfunctioning during the night not while it,s recording, but someone doin a wee search for whatever type of material that has been previously recorded, and they have a right good look at it, not like any untoward behaviour by someone on site, more of a way, how the fuck does she get into them, silly bollox,

Another one, not really a dilemma, well maybe, but a strange one, material of the naughty naughty variety, not of the image type, the text variety,???? no not a book, but stuff that was downloaded from the net, wasn,t downloaded here, it was brought into work by a member of staff, course me bein a right clever bollox comes across it, hmmmmmmmmmm, it could be described as inappropriate reading material for the work place, not in the same class as Nabokov but covering some of the same subject matter, it was a work of fiction, it did make a statement at the head of page one as if it was some type disclaimer from,mmmmmmmmmm, whatever , prosecution, being of a prurient nature, feck, was some blurb about the following contents contained therein, haven,t got a bleedin scooby how to react to this as it was a one off situation, the pers behaviour has not given any indication that there might be a problem in the future., but feck what to do,

well thats about it for the time being, hav ta go and do some bleedin work now, mak a change from poncing abouts on blogger all day, online gaming, and fake e/mails, :)
there,s a wee thing, if you use google chat, and ye use the symbol :)
it turns it up the right way, how cool is that :)

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