anyhoo kinda busy ta day,hmmmmmmmmmm, got yet another new start, which means i spend as much time tellin the person what to do as i do cleaning up after they,ve done it bleedin wrong, wots wrong wit sendin them in a wee bitty earlier so ye can show them round the place, tell them all the access codes they need ta know, all the silly wee routines ye needs ta go through, i know it would be the sensible thing ta o but then ...ah bolllox to it

anyways the geezer they sent me ta day is english, makes it a wee bitty easier, means i can take breaks from sittin here at reception all day, means i have ta go and change outta the black dress they bought me which is a shame as i was kinda gettin fond of it :) .............other guff well not much thse days, kept a bit busier than usual since they,ve been messin abouts with the staff yet again,

havin second thoughts about plumping for a washin machine outta this weeks moolah, kinda takes the majority of the money up. could do with a wee bit of savin before i just jump in at the deep end leaven me kinda skint an starvin for yet another week, another real big idea i seems to given thought to, is , why not just cjange the bleedin hard drive in the old tangerine dream and see if it comes backs ta life, good idea batman, loads and loads of info on changin hard drives in early apple laptops, it is too much of a looker and was a good piece of kit in it,s day, they can be upgraded or customised so why nots give it a bash, hard drives don,t cost the earth these days HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM

so old Bertie Bollox was on the telly las nite tellin us his version of where all de money came from hahahaha, ,ere Bertie did ya hav ta swallow

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