how the hell are ye, apparently you grew up to be unattractive! not too worry, i,ll be good enough looking for all of us,so what have ye been up ta, me well i had myself a wee bit of barley water to fend off the cold, hhmm, not the robinsons kind, the Stuarts kind, heh, a nippy sweetie in other words, other stuff, been messin about for over a week with stuff to funk up gmail and the likes, i know its a bit of a waste of time but what the hell else would i be doing, i mean i can do the stuff in outlook office ,outlook express a piece of piss, but then again, so i,m off in a mo to see how i can spruce up google chat, needs a few bells and whistles,

not a lot else happenin, it,s the time of year i think, went and left me washin on the line yet again and its gonna piss down, so what do all you muppets think of the wee add ons i,ve been postin on me blog recently, ye have ta admit winona,s gazoonkas are quite impressive :)

Other than that what can i say, have you been spammed recently, hah, well have ya, is it really such a big deal, what about the crap there coming away with at the mo, car drivers,jeez, where the feck do they get the room to be goin at that bleedin speed, if you,ve seen the roads roundabout here in the mornins you,ll know that there isn,t much opportunity to be breaking the law and lets be honest ye didnt give a fuck bouts folks who died from starvation yesterday, so feck off,

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