so how the hell are ye this mornin, back at me desk yet again, barely sober,still incredibly humble, considering:) been up to no good as usual, jeez ifg you could be arrested for thought crimes i,d be swingin in the wind right now havin just finished me air jig, so wots been goin on in the old blogscape over the past few days?? NUTHIN thats wot, well wot did ye expect, d,ye like the wee piccy of meself,hmmmmm ye can tell i,ve been workin out, got me new glass,s and i,m gelled and smelled enough ta give the femiverse a damn good see-ing too, heh, where do i get this shit from,

Got meself a loan of a puter for de house, bit of an oldie. runs on windows 74 i think, got a couple of faulty valves and some of the cogs are rusted, should get a good net connection if those pesky comanches dont cut the telegraph wires again,got a fondness for old stuff, cars ,puters,piano,s old girlfriends

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