owzit goin, same old same old at this end, quite thankful at times for that as well, menu in the canteen today was more shite than usual, wtf did ye do to the broccoli,??? i think the stuff was raw, a wee caterpillar thought it would help itself to a munch on it, hahaha, big suprise it got when i ate the feckin thing :)

nyhoo other stuff, one of the new geezers the one who i had some doubts about his reading material for work is acting the bit of a bollox, a wee discreet word in his shell like and see if he catch,s on, some how i dont think so though, i mean the stuff aint illegal, well so far, i,m not bein prudish, he is being prattish though, d,ye reall think titles of web pages like cum facials are the type of thing ye would have on yer puter at work

wee story from the weekend, i got up kinda late, hmmmm, well it was me day off, hadn,t went out saturday night, stayed in for a change and watched some telly, so i got up a wee bit later , picks up the fone and invites someone over to the gaff, could have a wee bit of lunch or something, yea OK, be there for roundabout 3, ok i says, looks at the watch, feck it,s nearly two, fuck, hadn,t washed changed or anything, standing there lookin like a scabby minger, well as close as i could get to one, so nips up stairs , shit shower and shave, back down da stairs, change inta some smart but casuals!!!! finds out i,ve only one cig left, roight, so what i,ll do is nip round to the spar and get them and be back at the gaff for 3, hmmm, good thinkin batman, so off,s i pops, and the very instant i,m pullin the door shut i just feckin knew, I,VE LEFT ME FECKIN KEY INSIDE BOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXX
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