hey hows it goin this fine monday mornin and to those of you who took every opportunity to find an excuse just to keep on drinking,wtf, there was enough mental eejitry around this weekend for every one and then some, ah well some of them will have no needs to worry in future, there innings is over apart from the festival of jollity and rare auld times before they drop ye in the ground, ya silly bollox, .............some geezer wanders round to some other geezers gaff lookin to buy some hooky gear, ah as ye do, i mean wots the point in goin to yer nearest licensed outlet when ye can get at the back of bennys house, theres a couple of silly fuckers still sittin there from the night afore, shovin it up there nose like they had plenty room to spare in their sawdust filled napper, how did ye think this party would go, did ye really think yea that was great, lets meet up in a few years time rounabout new year, it will be a gas,hah,
then there was the other silly buggers,........ooooooooo a gap in the market, with the checking out of the other geezer there seems to be a profound need for a new gangsta on the block, we should step inta his shoes.........now wait and think, his shoes were rendered redundant when some fuck stepped up ta him and despatched him to the wonderful land of barefooted frolics among the fluffy clouds and piped harp music 24/7, that just aint a life, just what we dont need is another feckin miniscule ceasar, these mad fucks in an attempt for them to be taken seriously grabs a couple of kids suspected of messin wit a car, shit kids misbehvin how unexpected that is, but wot the hell are folks thinkin about when they do shit like that, taken a couple of kids to some waste ground in a car, mob handed and then threatining them with a gun, jeez, it wasn,t even a real gun too, wtf are ye thinking, so like some misguidance councillor a vigilant brother enters stage left, been crawling the carparks waitin on the txt arriving that will open the gateway to enlightenment for our aspiring entrepeneurs, it duly arrives, our young business folks are invited to attend a conference on the betterment of modern business practices within the bustling metrollopiss that is modern living, our young folks are fast tracked and graduate with honours into the esteemed company that is savvy, all this is brilliant innit, just what a weekend needs, a dashiell of street life, a bete for the vie noir, are you falcon mental, some people just are on their back in the gutter lookin up and still see-in nuthin,

none of this is my life, i am a witness to some wierd shit, i aint just a bystander, i take avoidng action, donts let it piss me off too much, got lots of other shit happening too, well the other shit aint happening but its still shit??where the hell do folks get these dumb notions from, what ye thinkin,for every 52inch palsma screen there seems to be some young fuckwit goin to the connolly, for every suburu impreza theres some dumbshit goin to glasnevin, at least i dont have to invent stories of the life and times of indelible dublin, wish i did but wtf,

all this and more adds up to me being a wee bit more then usual, pissed,hmmmmmmmm
lines of communication are still open with the outside world, well for a little while longer

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