Well howzit goin, weather is total crap today, to be expected for this time of the year,more footie this evening, hah, me bleedin NTL connection has went down or summit, fit will ah dae, Scotland take on the ukraine, dont know who ireland play and ingerlund play croatia, well big knobs to most of that,thankfully i,ve got some type of plan b in the offing, anyhoo onto other stuuff, what exactly is the irish net visionary awards, my arse, net visionary, in what way are they visionary, piss off would ya bleedin D4 twats, load of gobshites who shouldn,t be allowed near a feckin calculator never mind a puter, ...bleedin bus was late this mornin, or should i say the bus was non-feckin existent, bet this is more feckin timetable changes by dublin bus, bunch of freakin retards, if ye cant provide a service then ye should just feck off, allow it to be put out to private tender or somethin,..........in this part of blanch there is several large industrial estates where thousands of folks are tryin to get ta work each morn, hindered by an ever decreasing bus bleedin service, wtf is it with bus drivers as well, where do they get these freakin nutjobs from, do they just empty the whacko ayslums and give them drivin licence,s,. the mad old bint drivin this mornin,heh, i not moving the bus unless you all move further down the bus, there,s no feckin room down the bus eejit....well move upstairs then.....look ya twat we,re stood here because it,s the only place we can feckin stand.....there,s no need to take that attitude.........look ya old maggot i,m late as it is , why the fuck would i want to be later by talkin away to you, if ya don,t wanna drive the bus feck off, for some reason the freakin retards think that the uniform they have on gives them the authority to fuck up everyone,s timetable, what a bunch of scummers bus drivers are, shit there only surpassed by taxi drivers, at least ye dont have to listen to the endless waffle from busdrivers, there still maggots though and fuck-em, soon as bus routes are offered out ta private tender the better,

other stuff bout taxi drivers, major price increases, wtf, they just abolished some standing tariff these jakey fuckers would put on the meter if you were coming from the airport, which was a right old load of pish, imagine a specific charge just cause of where ye are, they already charge a minimum fare, number of peeps in the cab, number of bags,county limits, after bleedin 7pm, before 8am, chancing fuckers that they are, then ye have to listen to some of the most illiterate nonsense this side of fat arse harney, why do most cab drivers look like child molestors or even worse feckin folk singers, bollox to them this mornin as well,

well i did manage to make work this mornin, no thanks to dublin feckin bus, 30mins to travel 3miles, jeez, at least i wasn,t like those poor bastards stuck on the navan road, hoping to make it to work before north korea blows every fecker up, well it,s better than being stuck in some over priced shithole which you,ll never make yer money back on, in some drearier than hell suburb, listening to some bollox,s feckin retarded kids doin feckin wheel spins, lettin off fireworks, fuck if the north koreans do decide to blow up a substantial part of western civilisation, will ye really miss it that bad, what to do right is make the like of yaxi drivers ,bus drivers and town planners into our front lined troops, send them inta north korea armed with toffee apples and week old tampax and let them really fuck them up, wot is it with these mad fuckers anyways that they hate the west so much, i dont mean galway but i do hate the feckin place meself, take old mad mental feckin chinee boy at the mo threating folks with nukes and shit, BOMB EM, and all these east europeans who,ve infected the country in recent years since their deranged ideology went spastic, now all there twisted fucks from the land of good manners and even better dress sense are over here wanted establish some overseas community with their own newapapers, state funded schools and rows and rows of pickled feckin cabbage in every dunnes store from here to feckin cork, send them back home ...then BOMB EM, all the mad feckin camel jockeys we,re gettin too, fuck em, we,re running low on oil soon, so what do we need them for then, BOMB EM,....then we all could move inta their old gaffs and commute to leafy dublin most morns, missin out on the traffic on the navan road and the 236 which has went the way of the marie celeste, and we would avoid paying the surcharge on the cab fare, the whole thing could be sponsored by Ryanair, feck brilliant, book deals for berties thick as shit daughter, ryan tubrudy might even become popular viewing, it just might!!!

so is there anybody i,ve left out this morning, yea .well David Duke David Duke, OH and Calimarie and Cherish and you ya fucker, who ya lookin at :)

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