yea, how the hell are ye doin??????????? hands up all of those who watched yon mental reality series_Ballet Changed My Life

yep freakin ballet on da estate, take a load of mental cases and introduce them to some more mental cases from a disturbed background????????????, rivetting stuff innit, saturday night on channel 4 saw the conclusion to this well thought out concept. i really couldnt be arsed rolling over and picking up the remote, total lazy bollox so i actually lay there like the stranded drunken eejit i was and watched some of this piffle ,wtf,i really dont know what to say about the event at all:)
well maybe this,

other than that my recollections of the weekend are kinda blurred, dont think it was mutch fun apart from Scotland winning, yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa, ireland got humped by cyprus 5-2, wales got turned over as well and the mighty ingerlund only managed a draw, norn irlan drew as well, hmmmmmmmmm, more footie again tomorra, an away game to the ukraine, jings,
not alot else happening really, had urselves a fire drill yesterday, full evacuation of the premises the lot., wooooooooooo, thats that for another year then, thankfully it wasnt feckin rainin, the ERT mob runnin aboot in their wee hi-vis vests, their radios, maps of the feckin buildin, safety helmets and goggles,hah brilliant, other than that not a lot, it was monday after all,
wot d,ye make of this????????????

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