how ya doin:
hows thins wit you dis mornin,,eh, good ,
so lets get back to bloggin after weeks an weeks of pissin abaht doin nowt :)

had been messin abaht wit the code an shit that make up dis mental page, ya knows tryin ta make it look pretty and what not, all seems to go well for awhile, then suddenly tardiness seems to strike yed again , hhmmmmmmm , fecker that it is,
been stickin on bells an whistles galore, damn funky at times, other times , well fuck other times, but wot da feck issit wid internet explorer, is it summit personal, do i need to come round there an kick yer ass or wot, everythin looks great in firefox as per norm, look at the site wid IE6/7 and lo behold, A PILE OF SHIT,, wtf, would ye ever just feck off, i,ve bust me freakin hump tryin to make dis ,ere piece of witchcraft pretty an the like and you ya seattle skanger fuck it up, must be down to bill gates bein a bit of a minger ,imself, yea yea, all dat money is great but fuck if ye hav ta look like a twat for all yer days i would have told beelzebub ta feck off, wots ya wanna do right, is get back to that crossroads and renegotiate

i have no feckin idea why me daily entries(oo-eer missus) should be all over the shop,
me sizes them all da same, places dem, middle of da feckin page and wank wank wank.msn to da feckin rescue, the christian aid of computin, here have sum feckin powdered milk ya bollox,??

LOads An LoAdS of PISh sHitE wAnk n FuCk IN ALL THE media this week bout Judge Brian Curtin, seriously dont know where to stop shoutin, throwin, swearing stuff at and whom,
Ireland seems to becomin the Uruaguay of feckin child molestors, dont know where the trail of complicity starts or ends, but basically feckin fat head Bertie should be hung by his bollox for the complete cycle of inaction that transpired yet again, your guilty as well ya bastard.

other stuff!!!!!!!!!! sexy skanger in er scanties is seriously shaggable,much to her protestations i videoed .er in .er thomas the tank engine jammys on me new fone, hah, gots meself an upgrade from meteor, well i has to, there was bits missin offa me last one, was gettin harder an harder ta sen txt msgs, didn,t quite get the comment some geezer passed, wot would folks back home fink abaht ye havin a french phone???? loads an loads of scope there for an ITV sitcom :)

the weeken beckons yed again, got loads o stuff planned as per ush, hopes i pull it off, if not maybe someone will pull it off for me = :)

stuck this tracking thingie on me puter at work, very interestin indeed, its either developed a personal vendetta gainst meself or else it dont work properly, seems ta record everythin i view, type in, or whatever, but the geezer whose activities i got some doubts about seems to be leavin no trail at times, there is a few recorded incidents, i mean the fecker just dont know is way roun a puter that well so it has ta be that the thing is on a free 21day trial, its recorded all me chats and mail, log ins, folks passwords, which is real handy and sneaky at the same time, but porn seeker has either clued up, guessed well, or sated his appetite and abated his practices, my guess is his knobs sore from all the whackin off ,es been doin and has ta re-focus his old occulators.....could be could be........

been pissin dahn here most of da week, playin bleedin avoc wit me war wounds sporting injuries and me well gelled barnet,
wot isssit wit taxi drivers, why do they smell like that, feckin ell mate, kill yersel, yer bleedin rotten so you is,
tink the only reason they smell like that is so blind people can hate them as well, i,m a right lazy bollox at times, i would get a cab from me bedroom to the feckin busstop if could, would mean re-arranging the furniture a bit and man handling me massive organ into a more convienent slot, but it could work :)
now i am the type of geezer that pays me taxi wit a 50euro note at seven in the mornin, feck em,.........dont ye have anythin smaller, nah mate,see i,m well off,.......i,m just aht..really what were ye in for,,,,,,,,,nah i,m just out the house.......and why do i care about this mmmmm,.......... ya see mate you dont seem to know who i am................and who would that be.......the customer ya feckin bollox........now change the feckin 50euro note and shutit .......

Now bus drivers are feckin assholes as well,everyone knows that, mouthy bastards as well, but the bottom line is there totally chicken shit, now thats not a clever combination , gets the boos de udder day just makin me way ome from work, gets on da bus, as per norm theres some feckin wanker stanin next ta the driver makin awkward for folks ta get on or off, scowlin, as normal folks do!!! wots your story ya manky cnut ya practicing ta become a taxi driver, get out me face, i can be nice at times ya know, trundles up de stairs an sits down, nuthin to it really, quite a simple manouevre
up de back of da boos a bunch of young scallywags bein boyz, one of dem gets a wee bitty bold, feckin paki,s feckin poles latvians what not, go,s back ta yer owns country. gettin a bits bolder e starts messin wid da seats inda boos, feckin retard, a skinny fuck wit a few of e,s mates finkin they,ll get tough wit the old east european geezers, ooooooooopppppppppss, ye fogots all bouts me, tsk tsk,
there is technique to dealin with this type of situation, nah really there is, feck practice makes permanent as well, see i have several ways of dealin with it, i can basically kick ye feckin blind in an instant if you want, i can turn the old east european geezers inta a mad feckin mob who,ll march up the back of da boos an stomp yer head flat, ach but no, a well chosen phrase, no swearies, no obvious threats, delivered at the right level, just enough for them ta know, d,ye really wanna fuck with me, seriously,anyways all durin this or boos driver, know the feckers who are employed by Dublin bus company ta make ya late for work, irritated and soaked to the skin as ya make yer way home did feck all, well not exactly feck all he did hide, funny that a new irish past time,ignore it it,ll goes away honest, good christian brother ethics there, but in the mean time

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