WTF is iit

how the hell are ye doin, wotcha been up ta :)
now ye would think at the minute that folks are takin it in turn to piss me off, loads of shit and stuff goin on, or not going on as the case would be, and peeeps just acting fecking weird again,

WTF is it with folks at head office, where do they get this unique insight into how my job should be done?
shit they,ve sent me a superviser, seriously, hahahah, a right dosser he is too, dearie me, as the saying goes he,s in for a bit of a shock, not alot happens in corporate security, not a lot gets done either, there aint really a budget for improvements on existing security, nuthin, hee haw bugger awe, ye learn to live with it, OK ye have to give the bloke a bit of a chance too find his feet i suppose, this seems to be the only place they can put him without him makin a complete arse of himself, shit would have been a lot easier for the company to just off load him, but no me got ta babysit him, oh and some other old codger as well, they look like feckin podge and rodge, well not as elegant,hah, they look even worse when i,s stoods next to them, well i do this to most folks anyhoo, but what the hey, im smart smarmy, DAMN SHAGGABLE, but so humble nonetheless, :)

now here,s an absolute fucker of a story, geezer comes up ta me the other day there,right-

have ye seen Casino Royale yet, me and the wife were at it last night( oo-eer missus ) and i wos sayin to me missus, i work with a bloke just like him,!!!! seriously this is wot e sez ta me, if ye just had a blond touch thru yer hair, LIKE FECK OFF,

of all the bond folks ta look like, some bollox draws similarities between me and this new geezer, ye know the one the papers said was not near handsome enough or tall enough and too blond ta be bond, course i was feckin insulted, d,ye know who you look like me arse

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