heh feckers howzit goin,
i,m in total agony this mornin, can barely move me feckin arm, got meself a case of rust or summit, this is the price ye pay for arsing aroound with sports in yer younger days, they dont tell yr this at the time, but feck,movin abaht likesome old coffin dodger, now this type of restriction dont sit well with a svelte, smooth machine likes meself,its hard to look dapper when yer bent double, has me in a great mood as well, even reponses to the ever jovial peeps who works here wit moi get the reply, I WILL FECKIN KILL YOU YA KNOW,
folks who,ve pissed me off at the mo now only too well i,m best avoided right now,
not a fluffy bunny at the mo, been in pain for a week or so, naff all seems to be workin on the old war wound, for the folks who ask dumbass questions, like what exactly is a strong safety anyhoo, a headbutt to the face seems to suffice,
HAH....got man email this morn thats actually signed.........yours sincerely, seriously, methinks the english language at times seems ta evade them completely......
it was the type of mail that should be signed......OK BASTARD,, or, EAT SHIT AND DIE........GET HELP, yours sincerely indeed :)

wot issit wit taxi drivers that compells them to talk utter bollox at 7 in the feckin mornin,
shut the fuck up ya bleedin headbanger, feck knows why there is so much strife in the worlld when every taxi driver in Dublin seems to be able resolve any conflict anywhere any time, ok so most of them are taking time of from managing Premiership football clubs but wtf do they get the notoin that its ok to fart in the cab when your the passenger, jeez are they on a special diet, what,

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