So how goes it ya bunch of F'@K*RS :) WOTS YE BEEN UP TA SINCE I BEENS ON HOLLIERS, EH, not a lot been goin on cause of the pish weather, to be expected thgis time of da year anyhoo, fink we will change the name of the season to just shite, we can have spring summer and two seasons of just plain shite, the kinda weather that drives ye indoors and watch daytime TV, feck, wot is that aboot,a whole ten days of sittin aboot the hoose doin sod all, cept drinkin, hmmmmmmmm, tink i left the huse on about two occassions, both of whom involved trips to the offie, :) spent an absolute fortune too, just sittin abouts doin hee haw bugger awe,a wee while ago some one made the comment, i think you will find i,m a low maintenance kinda gal. yeagh right, my arse, anyhoo thge telly stuff, arrggghh, just how awful is daytime tv, well....it really is hard to write just how bleedin awful it is, still half spoasticated wit me arm at the mo, totally skint and back at the office, xmas lunch the day for all us plebs, happy happy joy joy, not a lot else ta say at the mo cept, wot ye bleedin lookin at

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