well wullie snot an the bogeys to u, been back at work for a couple of days now, wot joy, got some silly old geezer runnin aroun tryin to pretend e, useful or summit,strike a light guv,nor do,s a bleedin favour an sit on yer arse,dont fink there,s owt that u could call his forte, well except for the years tween is thirties an fifties, e,s deaf an all, lookin for confrontation too by the looks of fings, has had a run in wif just bout every contractor that works outta this mange hole, gee, wtf. give my head piece, doesn,t seem to have a scooby bout how anything works really, totally computer illiterate, has probs wif the bleedin fone, wot the hell e did to the franking machine bugger knows, maybe e just dont like franks :) tis the season to be merry frodo and pippin so we,ll let it go for awhile maybe e might catch on, got loads of maintenance calls this week, just what i needs to make me day go a bit smoother, looks like some of these blokes doin the maintenance checks are on the make a wee bit, charging for work they didnt do or parts we dont need, bit dodgy these geezers..........ooooooooooo ye need a new electric motor, feck off it,s a gas oven,....another smart bollox insisted that...u dont have a camera five thats why it,s not workin, smart ass bollox had went into the system and turned it off while i was on me hols,,,,, so i turned the bleedin thing back on, e sez eh there,s no picture onnit,,, yea mate thats why your here to bleedin fix it,

anyhoo xmas lunch was quite enjoyable the other day, nice ot be nice innit, other stuff, well there aint so much other stuff at the mo. kinda busy havin to do loads of firefightin , great if i wanted to do that type of shit i would have been a feckin fireman, will endeavour not to kick the bleedin head off a the old geezer, well until the new year, e is a bit of an arse though, folks are givin im a bit of leeway at pres, but thats gonna run out pretty quick , e,s gonna find himsell strugglin technically with the job,, o and e,s social skills are more than a wee bit rusty, not a good time for rufflin folks feathers,

Skangers lookin extrordinary pretty these days hmmmmmmmmmm, showed me her panties this afternoon, good job i,ve got here innit :)

honestly there,s loads an loads of stuff goin down here at the pres, but aloda of them just make me look an sound so feckin professional i even get jealous of me own abilities, just whats i dont needs is to be found out to be thouroughly capable and professional geezer, let some other bollox do it, i wanna gets to the pub :)

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kitchen hand said...

Those IT guys that come and go, you never know what they are doing or if it's going to work. A good gig. I'm in the wrong profession.

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