well bazonka every bloody, the weather is here wish you were beautiful, but there ya go, havin tawork the weeken once again but hey, i,m as happy as larry, could be loads o things that lead to that, like skanger being knocked up or summit, but wahey none the less, will prob sit bored shitless for the rest of the weeken, bugger all availble on dvd thats of any interest, maybe i should concern meself with less of the staying awakean just go for a kip,
but bein the old PRO that i is am still totting forbusiness in the wee smallhours, so whats youse all been up ta,thought as much ya bunch o borin bastards, if yer still sittin ther still puttin up wit the same ol borin knackers each and every weeken , then tough tittie, i,ve ventured far and wide i.s hav had :)

gets in from work one day, this is in the old house by the way.......... up jumps KEV ( not the brightest ) barry theye,ve just found a planet just like Ireland. hahahahhaha,,,,,,,,ehh dont ya mean a planet just like earth Kev, nah a planet just like Ireland, feck off, nah it,s true, , so we all pile inta the Hiace and its orf to cape canaveral for us, :), 4 each way to this new place please. apparently the Luas dont go any where near it,but ye would think if suddenly there was a new life form or the like discovered it would be out somewhere near Tallaght wouldn,t ya, well anyhoo its shit nowhere near Tallaght, so bollox we thought, what bout the night link, nah nuthin yet. mind you ust like everywhere else and to cut a long story short, wot ,appened when we,s got ther, fuck all, place was bleedin full of polish, feckin typical and by the way feckin FAS had paid for all their way there and back, never under estimate the power of the giro, anyhoo as all the jobs where below the minmal average , feck all VHI, no canteen, no parkin, we thought sod that, maybe ye were hangin on a bit hopin for some intergalatic skywalker type escapades, ...nope, just like everywhere else i,m afaraid, a molloys on everyother corner, havin to shop at feckin centra, every bugger seems to drink dutch gold, feck new civilisation my arse.

anyhoo its back to the grind once again, back with me feets back on terra firma, this old blog originated outta me bein on the nightshift and sufferin from terminal boredom, ya never knows moght come up with that pulitzer prize yet, well maybe nots after callin oner of the judges a phoney incompetent butthole

so at the min i,m workin in one o Dubhys snooty shoppin mall typethings, ye know these places that sell all the stuff ye aint ever gonna need for an exhorbitant price, but hey , fuck ye, its kinda obvious folks over her hav way to much money and not an ounce of sense what to do wit it,

so nows im beginning to get inta the swing o things yet again, new place, new job, all that typeof shite, goin about buyin all the fluffy type crap that makes yer bedsit hovel, a wee bit less suicidal, fluffy feckin cushions, who would have ever thought that ther i would be, standin in the local household suppliers, askin for...........d,ye hav a valance, double size in white please ???????? there ye go eh, but it was linked to a visit to the off sales in dunnes tooooooooo, i may hav gone a wee bit soft but i aint gone totally feckin ,mental, bought a new tv today as well, ye just wanna shag this thing to death so ye do,,ooooooooooooo bay baby o baby, hah but i wouldnt recommend it. these plasma thingies gert shit hot, damn near burned me feckin knob off oooyah,

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