well i suppose i should wrrite somethin :)

somethin :)

i is well pissed off this weather and have been for an age, seems ta have lost me muse or summit ? anyhoo hows it hangin wit you, its been rainin here for like bleedin forever, aint much fun been goin on, just work work workwork, some folks have gone totally mental so they hav and runs offs and hid somewhere,, wots that really about, anyhoo sittin in one of yon cyber gaffs yet again, hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm, has ta get meselfa puter real soon, doesn,t like written fings in one of these gaffs, full o strange weirdness and the like,itsonly rounds the corner from me work so i tought i give it a bash afore jumpin on the 39 , totally bereft of owt ta say, see wot youve dun :)

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