aloha and howzit goin,

wot a bugger, went and caught a virus at work, BOLLOX. umpteen years of just narrowly avoiding shit like that, the twisted fucks that think shit like that up, wtf, d,ye think yer like batman or somethin, wot is the point in fuckin up somebodys machine ye cowardly fuck, a shared machine too, which menas every fucker is locked outta the machine until we get the marine corp to parachute us in some penicillin, meanwhile we,re fillin sandbags conserving our rounds, carefully taking aim, waitin until we see the whites of their eyes and all that shit, fat panda will be lovin this, the bollox that he is, all this hassle for tryin to download some shitty old film, which aint that good really, i mean Taras Bulba, hardly gonna spread SEDITION throughout the troops, no idea why that word is in upper case, anyhoo they will be no posting from work and the like, cant even use the thing for watchin dvd,s or listening to some music, as for porn welllll.........

anyhoo sittin in the gaff on me mini puter, hah, went and bought meself a new machine, an Acer slimline l100, if that means anything to anyone, dont mena a lot to me other than it was affordable, got all sorts of witchcraft plugged into it now, cameras, lasers,heat seekers. ICBM,S, so ye cant really complain too much bout all that crap it gets upto on its own when i,m away from the keyboard.

anyways it looks like aa return to bloggin for me after a term away from the realm, tryinb to remember why i,ve got one , just tryin to build up enough bile so i can projectile vomit in yer general direction.oh and as for claudia , allo :)

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