jings wot a god aawful colour on me logo that is, so wot ye been up too, hope yer well who ever ye are, me well i,ve been workin the past five nights in a row, gets me shit loadsa money at the end of the week, but feck i,m bolloxed :(

not alot been goin on as usual, it,s been pissin down for most of the weeken, as for all the peeps in Dubh Land, i knows wot youse hav been gettin ups ta, CCTV folks, got ye,s covered from one end of the town to de udder, mental so it is when ye can sit there locked away in yer wee bunker with covert survellance of all the pissheads nut-jobs, posey fuckwits, knobends and feckin rocket sciencetists that have been boppin bout town of a weekend,fashion, fashion hah, thats one thing that just has eluded the average irish male, its so feckin easy to spot nationals through a lens, the big fat heads, that walk, shit its like Darwins waiting room from up here in command central, ye can have fun wit the scanners and anon txt messsages, hey you this is god txt-ing ya, i know ye bought that shirt in Lidls, hah,no she wont sleep wit ya ye git that ye are,wot d,ye mean i bought ya chips ya whore ya, the number of tatto,s ive seen this weekend as miss 9-5 is bent double in a door way puking up her intestines, its not a morning after pill she,s lookin for at this mo, but a feckin time travel device that will get her back to her bed on her jack jones wit a big fry up in the morn from ,er mammy, that should settle the stoumach a bit.

wtf is pony and carts, rickshaws, bycycles about, does yer folks know that ye do that for a livin, the money i,ll make this week just from sittin here and makin sure none of you fuckin alians can gain admittance to the hallowed ground of retail heaven after hours, wit a hotline to siochana services, i can have folks furtherr degraded and humilated with a quick folk call to some rapidly deployed bobbies who will batter ye for all the mental things do when they,ve been out enjoying aa few sherberts too many.

anyhoo i cant be arsed, got the dvd selection for the weekend, sorta musical theme to the weeken, shapin up, feck there,s some deluded bint next door bangin on like a tone deaf linty tinkin she,s jazzy b or some shit, tink her band are called mince or summit or other, well back to the dvd,s, the sex pistols, hah ye cant beat old fashioned cabaret, the bass player trudles on stage, bites the head off a pidgeon, cuts his chest open with a broken bottle , shoots up wit some heroin then falls over dead live on stage, yea, now thats wot i call rock n roll, :)
other stuff, got yon dylan film, this isn,t me or what ever, are ye supposed to watch these sober or what, is it phone a friend , ask the audience, jeez give us a clue, anyways havn,t properly in days now, done every thing else though, jeez terminal flatulence, tink i,m gonna explode,

got loads more to tell ya, overa years worth of guff to cover bouts stuff thats been goin on in the cioty by the liffey, Dubs are in action next weeken yet again as the summer of Sam extends itself it to what is rapiddly becoming winter, hopefully not another season for this malcontent of minimal fulfilment, just got those proddie orange geezers to get past, rout the rebels and we,re quids in , honest guv.

footie seasons gettin under way, Rangers are out of Europe already for another year, bollox that they are, Drogheada missed an opportunity to turn over Kiev, league football has recommenced in Scotland already, charity shield at the weeken, workin as usual, not late though, will have molto moolah by that time anyhoo, always puts me in a better mood. mibbe it,s time to start repairing some of the damage i,ve done over the past year and a bit, then mibbe not :)

anyhoo bye for now(tossers)

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