just wot i needs first ting in da mornin, coffee, that should be KAWFEE, ciggies and beach volleyball, yep its time for de lympics yet again, a time for stoners geeks freaks and every feckin obsessive wierdo to rubbish up our screens yet again, feck it seems like only four years ago these feckers staged yet another revoulution and took over the ayslum,some of the oddest sports ever, apart from athletics wot else do peeps wotch?????????? beach volleyball at eight in the mornin, glad to see its rainin in china land as well, fuck they,ve went mental and are tryin to win bouts every gold medal there is, wtf for, who gives a rats ass, tryin spendin all that money on real stuff, like howsabout startin on the fact that yer country is a total shit hole where folks cough up balls of bleedin soot first thing in the mornin, and theres billions of these feckers as well, the chinese fair like shaggin, every where ye turn theres a couple of them bangin away, feck, anyhoo it,ll all be over soon enough and we can all get back to wotchin the premiership, here,s one for ya, top of the scottish premiership hah, Hamilton Accies,wtf is an academical anyroads, how the fuck did they find themselves bogged down in Hamilton, lovelyplace :)
anyhoo sittin here wit the biggest mug of coffe ever, ye could take a swim in the thing, but i dont recommend it, only four more cigerettes to go before i can open the new pack, a quick cough and a scratch at me nads and it willl be onto the portant stuff o the day, washin cookin and cleanin , hurray for me,gettin near rent day once again, time forall the bills to be paid, wot the price of broadband this month will be hardly bares tinkin bouts, much does 4gazillion bronto bytes of porn cost anyways, shit are my eyes sore, still havent been crappin properly for awhiles, i know yer glad i told ya, but its important ta me.back at work tomorra , back ta snoopin on folks, spose all the monies i get from postin all yer wee peccadillo,s on the net will make up for the shortfall- wages V,s bill,s, :)

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