dum de dum

hmm, its on to the second cuppa coffee, phew , listenin to the radio as i type this shit, wot aa complete waste of technology, listenin to the radio, well its one of those music stations where ye input yer own musical taste of the moment and it starts bangin away in the background, the last FM or or summit its called, jings i dont know what category i would fall inta with the deranged taste in music i seem to ,ave, its a station made up of such wonderful artists as Bill nELSON, aDRIAN bELEW AND OTHER PRETENTIOUS MONKEYS THAT I,S LISTENS TA, anyhoo stop playin with the cap lock :(
right at this mo am listenin to a trois dans les WC,
wot great fun am havin, looks likes its gonna piss down again today, just wot ye needs before headed to a weekend of being stuck in the bunker, heres a bleedin thing, ye have no idea the amount of money i mde the other week there for just polishin a chair wit me butt, criminal so it wos,:)
hads loadsa fun wit the money too, do have stuffs to show for it as well, hads good clean fun catchin ups wit folks as well, bought some totally poncey gear as well,still has to keep dapper lookin this not so svelte as before machine that i is, coffe round here is real mingin this morn, just missin sumthin, probably and huge overdose of caffeine, yep thats it

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