Photobucketach well, thats another cuppla days off wasted, cant be arsed doin owt at the mo, really need to be gettin me arse in gear got loadsa stuff to catch up on,washin cookin cleanin and all that shit, but who can be bothered, money is gettin a wee bit tight as overtime seems to be a thing of the past, got dayshift to look forward to for a cuppla days, both early starts pain in the arse that is, but i get finished early enough, missin all the sport yet again, since becomin a supersoldier wit g4s i,ve just abouts managed to miss evry bleedin event there is, loadsa footie tomorra world cup qualifiers, could be straight off the bus inta the pub to see if they show footie on the big screen in castleknock, should do, watched the end of the champions league final there before, aint puttin any pennies in ma fone at the minnit, thing has a life of its own, folks are insistin that i phoned them and arranged for them too drop by, havnt had any cred in the thing for bouts a fortnight so theres someone actin the bollox, rent needs ta be paid tthis week, thankfully i,m workin all over the weekend again so i wont be tempted to splurge out on some piece of nonsense i dont need, as for folks that read this blog ye would think i would be thankful, i ye would think that wouldnt ye....................

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