Photobucketso anyways where was i, theres only so much porn ye can watch before it starts to repeat itself, i mean how difficult can it be to include a nice wee sub plot, some witty dialogue, some special effects and maybe the odd guest apperance by some one who used to be resonably famous, how come all these pron stars seem to be devoid of catchphrases, some kinda logo or something that makes them instantly recognisable, it would help ye know rather than waiting until the end credits before yopu realise who ye were watchin, :) a nice theme tune could work too...........

oh aye i was at the pub the other day there,hhhmmmmmmmmmmm,still havnt got a grip on this boozin lark, not that i,m an alky or owt, just a total greedy bastard who seems to have an ever increasing capacity for downing whisky, jings, at 6pm on monday evening there was a litre bottle of whisky in this house, by 6am tuesday morn there wasn,t, now i dont know if in the middle of the night the sneaky bastard didnt let itslef out the front door and is busily running roun and round in the fields of castleknock, surely i didnt drink all of that on me own, jings and this is after do-ing in a regular sized bottle on the friday and yet another on the sunday, wtf........anyways the pub, so i was standing around with me finger up me hole doing absoultly bugger all, even though i had tried for ages to organise summit for me to get upto on me extended breaak from the work, six days in a row i had, brilliant, aye well for the best laid plans, but this just never seemed to get offf the ground in the first instance, try as might ye really have no feckin chance when some folks just never answer their phone, what the fuck is that about, what waqs all the bullshit the previous week about, curiousier and curiouser, must have disappearred down some feckin hole where the coverage is real bad, it takes two mins, anyhoo fuckem, anyhoo pub nonsense, well it was to be expected, where was ye, wot ye be uo ta, who ye bein doin, great stuff this, easy i have no feckin clue as i,ve been drunk for a year or so, as for so an so being back together, how twisted is that,;(

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