Photobucketso wots the story, hav ye been playin wit all the new toys on the net yet, sittin up lates at night burnin chrome, or polishing it whatever the feck yer s,posed ta do wit it, wot is the point innit anyhoo, looks kinda shitty, all the add ons ye hav for the like of firefox are rendered totally useless, good fun that, customising this piece of jobbie is wot i spend most me time on, feck knows i dont really need a computer so wots does i needs a new feckin browser for, wots wrong wit the feckin half dozen i,ve ready gots loitering on me desktop, apparently chrome and safari share the same vulnerabilities, feck a couple of paranoid browsers, other shite, photosynth, now there,s a tool i will never have any use for either and silverlight hah, wot am i gonna do wit all this junk, keep em under the sink i tink

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