Photobuckethey howsit gooin,
loads o stuff been goin on in blog land unbeknowst ta me but there ya go can,t be expected ta know everythin especially when i can,t be arsed the best of times, some of the more hi-profile bloggers in the land havin been breakin out in true joycian fashion, well maybe not joycian but they,ve taken there first tentative steps inta the big world of writing,always a good laugh when someone manages to blag there way into supposed academic realms while still takin the pish at the same time, always worth a read, chances are there second effort will have a better gestation period and grow inta summit a wee bit more worthy of the pers reputation and ability rather than have the timescale and the needs for new products be dumped fairly and squarely on the auld eejit,s decrepit frame, the money should keep him in pampers , incontinence knnickers, vicks vapour rub and dont forget bic razors ya manky auld goat, so check oo this-
also worth checkin oot for folks who were regular drop-in,s at ee,s blog, a new forum, twenty major net, worth a look for like minded folks awaiting parole or their home help turnin up..............
was gonna write summit on the state of some folksblogs but thought that would vbe a wee bit mean spirited at the mo even if the pers is a bit o a cnut:)
had been an occassional reader of their blog , always had a view meself to try and avoid havin aspecific format or ought for me own blogg, at time they old blogosphere was pretty much taken over by professional journo type wank shite and their feckin pointless musings on just bouts every feckin thin in a way to florid and wordy style for summit thats capable of multi media multi taskin and all that shite, if i could i would have turned me blogg inta mime, other folks with their tech perspective of the net, wtf are they on about, i can barely switch this ting on at times:)

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