Photobucketwell well well, wot about yea, an afternoon of watchin old movies, and i do mean old, some shit from 1916 hah captain nemo, yaeh me now i,m onto Flash Gordon, hahahaha, so wot u been doin ta waste yer time, still doin battle with the forces of mongo, me i,ve got some chicken marimating in the fridge , gonna have me sone food thats worth eatin fuura change, xmas beckonning once again, this time the wolves are camped round the house , constantly circeling looking for the slighest opportunity, seems the celtic tiger is aboot ta come extinct as its asian cousind, negative equity, well that dont mean shit ta me as i was never in the postion ta buy ought, but fuck could do wit summit upbeat at the mo, hah talkin bout mo he seems ta have cut his feckin thumb off, bet that hurt, any hoo INT GONNA PRATTLE ON AT THIS MINUTE, back to the booze and the like, wot ye gonna be doin over the festive season by the way, i,m always here ya know, harhar, catch ye in a bit :)

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