so yet again Dubh land is makin the news for all the wrong reasons, mean wtf, aint got nuthin to do wit da credit crunch, budget or owt which seems ta be outwith our power anyways, ghe escalation of gang violence in the capital is gettin way outta hand, and before ye forget it just isn,t involving folks who are members of gangs , fraternities, glee clubs and social organisations looking for there own personal nirvana, there has been plenty of innocent by standers or have ye forgotten already, folks in the wrong place at the wrong time, plumbers, young mothers, grans standing at the windows with kids in their arms, all great fun so it is,the papers as usual pour out endless bumff, jounalism in ireland seems to have sprung from a tradition originated by marvel and DC and the like, the monk, the penguin and a new one the panda, jeez wtf are you on, shit they,re still gettin mileage outta katy french, wot load of nasty wee bollox they are, for those dumb ass fuck wits who still cant see wot damage drugs and drug culture has done ta ireland wtf is it gonna take, get yer head out yer ass, here,s a wee funny to throw for a laugh, seems female peeps in ireland are unhappy with there lot because they cant meet folks who are on the same cerebral level as they are??????????? wot can say, dont do it then :)
as for other stuff, so wot ye doin with yerself then, still being wined and dined,long country drives, evenings at the theatre, foreign jaunts, sparkling wit, repartee even, or ye still plumped on a feckin bar stool, dont be a moocher,hah

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