well howzit goin, been updatin the puter as ye can see fromm the pic, well maybe not,me piccie takin skills need improvin, if ye look closely ye will notice that it runs off alcohol, maybe thats why it breaks down so often, fotos will be upgraded regular as add-ons stick -ons hold-ups and wot hav you are melded to the puter, eventually me and it are gonna retreat inta a bunker then your gonna get it ya bunch o fuckers :) eh where were we, well been deletin loads of shit off this ting, it aint got a name yet, just called jesus a lot, so its got religion but not a name, feck i,m gonna hav a puter with guilt and the like, this pic was taken in the complete dark bye the way, bugger knows why as i was standing next to a feckin light switch at the time?????????????????? so ye passed yer drivin test yet, no fuck me

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