Photobucketthis is the stuff, gettin totally outwith it wit da new puter, stuck an extra screen on it this eve, so i,m managing to wotch some wide screen porn while knockin this out on the old 12inch, ooooeeer missus, dont know if there is a genuine reason for having two screens on the one puter but there ye go, its a bit wierd and takes some gettin uist ta, same wit this teenie keyboard i use on this thing, its barely bigger than the span ofme hand, yahoo, know wot they sez bout folks wit big hands, thay wear big gloves, anyhoo, not alot happinin today, got a wee overtime shift, will pay for loads of guff that i really donts needs, but thats just wot folks needs right now, if ye consider yerself any type of humanitarian, ye will all do some overtime this month then everyone should go on a real weekend session, i mean we aint gonna get invadede by mad commies any more they all feckin live over here now, they,ll be goin out on the piss as well, so its yer national duty to work hard and then go get tanked, recovery will soon be under way and if it sont, well who,ll really give a shit

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