Photobucketwell howzit goin, still messin bout wit me puter set-up. wots u been gettin ta,got just bouts all the guff stucl on me machine, runnin it as an entertainment centre, well thats wot the bleedin thing was set up for, wotch movies online, get some catch up tv, wotch live footie and the like, radio stations, i know bit of a waste usin a puter as a radio, but loads of udder stuff as well, printin fotos, hah, ya shoold see me efforts wit the noo digi cam, brill so some of them are, ye could pay thousands for some of the sfx and here all ye need is withdrawel from alkiehol and ways ye go,not remotely arsed bouts online gaming never got inta that shite at all anyhoo on me day off at the min, back on at the weeken, not lookin forward to that piss really, stuck in the bunker for three days, wot joy, oh and the band that plays at the pub on the corner, ahhhhhh, the artists formerly known as mince, they are total muck, prob wotch some dvd,s, aint got ought in mind yet, ggive the 70.s and 80,s tv series a miss for a bit, there,s only so much of a good thing and after havin heard the intro and outro of the telly themes played umpteen times ye go a bit dolally, at least i,ll hav summit ta do comes a saturday night not like sum feckin creeps who hangs aboots blogs feckin oddballs, get out more :)

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