Photobucketso wot about ya, all these job losses are gettin real scary :(
but wot kin ye do,
eventually , well i tink so anyways, eircom are geetin round to upgradin me broadband, woz still on the starter package, jeez how are ya s,posed ta wotch porn on that rubbish, ye just get fed up, ye cant have a wank that takes boot two hours, good grief yer dick would come off in yer bleedin hand, or is that wot its s,posed ta do,
got all the locks in the house fixed, jings, got yet another delivery of entral heating oil,brill, got a new door put on the shed, the boiler needs a service, and its only tuesday, how willa cope, the rock n roll lifestyle,

listening to some muck on the Last FM, the yngwie malmsteen channel, likes the ol yngwie i does, so its a night of gurning guitarists playin musical nonsense, just right up my streeet, cant find a decent film ta bleedin wotch, wots the score there, some of the muck that gets released is unbelievable, well anyhoo got nuthin else ta do wit meself, some folks have seem ta hav gone off in a cream puff, but bollox to ya, am in me bunker where nowt can get at me, ma 8gazillion cameras covering the whole of the metrollopiss of dubhland,
fotie was pish at the weekend, mainly the gers and celts, total muck so it was, hhhhhhhhmmmmmm. looks like we,re heading towards strikes and the like, confrontation, wahey, plenty overtime in thatr for me, good job we,re a uninised industry can all ways rely on them to come up wit some work for us even in a downturn global recession and what have you, the security industry is on the up and up. hah, funny that innit,
shoulda had this weekend off, but no, overtime again, some dayshift, feck, just tink off da money, its abot all that would have ye put up wit some towrags kids boppin bout the centre acting like feckin eejits, minimum wage plus a bit to put up wit yer freakin retard kids

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