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Photobucketwell buggeration and bollox, how was yer valentines day for you then, yet anoyher day of no cards flowers or posh nosh an fancy cars, he did however manage ta force he,s grubby hands down yer drawers i,ll bet, yet another weekend of stucco stained arse, hmmmmmmmmm, and its all slipping away from ya, how many years are left in those looks :) can,t be gettin any brighter, certainly not gettin any richer, so wota the deal then, terminal stupidity, well fuck me, all the chances are dryin up real quick, this is a recession ya know, those wit money dont wana know those who aint,the futures purple, thats yon tincture stuff to cover up scabs, go fuckin rot......................................

in a complete turn around, so what ye been doin wit yersell, spendin more time in front of the telly, snoopin around the net readin other folks diaries, wots that aboot anyhoo, ye hopin ta be enlightened, illuminated, ya hopin ta get a mention that gives ye some wee glimmer of glee that yer still an annoying cunt, weeeeeeeeelll.......look no further
othr stuff and the all important stuff at this time of the year, gettin near to the first cup finals of the season, the league cup, Rangers and Celtic Final, but before that they go hard at it tomorra afternoon while i,ll be fast in me bed, so feckin borin scottish fotball this year,just not any real good football being played, outcome is the exact same though, even though in the past five years two scottish teams have made major european finals football has went into reverse, strange that,

Telly is total rot at the minute, next to feck all on , especially when yer stayin up late and tryin ta catch some late night telly, danny feckin dyer, aptly named, some bollox on some wee mental shit who was a total pain in the arse during the 80,s 90.s whatever, freakin dork, and here,s this cockney git canonising him or some muck, sure there,s tons more folks of workin class origin that are more deserving praise than thes feckin eejits, britains hardest men, britains meanest men, my arse, waaanna catch summit that showcases britains workin class then catch ch4,s secret millionaire, and not just the geezers and the girlies who,ve made loadsa dosh, big standout thing for me anyhoo was the diverse cultural backgrounds of folks taking active part given time and money to charity and community work, ye do know what community is dont ya,

o`ther piffle- rugby season againm backs to the wall,rugby hah, the slogan for which should be i dont have a cock,its not a game of great athleticism. its not a game of brain surgery or the toughest guys on the planet, it is however a game where people like too bathe together, all good clean fun, more to be pitied than scolded.....

other cock, got a weekend away orgainised, a trip to jolly ol edinburgh, Scotlands dead posh and pretty capital city, now it is a palce well worth going ta see , then some other mad mental female wantin me ta go ta tueky with her for some mental reason, shaggin i suppose, no she sez sunbathing ,shaggin ya mean, no relax, do some sailing nice restaurants, lovely weather, nice balcony few drinks enjoy the time off, shaggin ya mean, can do that round ma place on the couch, i,ll buy ya a kebab and a turkish delight and go halfers for the taxi home, nah forget it be cheaper todo a fortnight in turkey, yer on.............

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