Photobucketthi ,ere piece of witchcraft is beig knocked together on me new note book,hah, for some reason i reckoned it was time i went and got meself some portable device, a mobile bar would have been a better investment but none the less, a elonex 10in web book, hhhmmmmmmmmm, whatever, the xp version, yea right as if i actually know owt bboot linux and all that shite, it,s still got a mind of it,s own,does all sorts of shit when yer not watchin, it,s wifi which s,pose will come in handy some time, but a genuine reason for havin one i would be hard pushed to find but there ye go, beginning to look like inspector feckin gadget, fones, cameras, dvd players,for the summer i was goona get meself a porsche and why the hell not, needs ta be able to move all this gear abouts wit me

udder stuff, hmmmm. skanger is long gone mores the pity, the rest of all the oddball freaks and nitwits are hovering round the periphery as they are bound todo, feckless fuckless retards that they are, and i mean that in the nicest possible way,

spent most of this eveing on the old movie sites, shit ye would be hard pressed to find owt worth watchin,but anyhoo got an alarm ta goes ta , be back in a bit

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