Photobucketwell blogger buggers how goes it, from the piccies below ye can see that it doesn,t take nuch to bring old dubh land too it,s knees, hardly the hardy types peeps envisage themselves as, bus,s runnin late, schools closed, traffic backed up for hours, seems the only infrastructure we have here is folks who are good at lining their own pockets then passing the blame,shite ye would think we were in deepest feckin iceland, a wee bit o snow, jings,anyhoo it makes for some good telly, broaband was down for a wee bit too, work is great fun the eve, evrywhere is gettin freakin flooded, alarms going off allroads, folks who are nominated as key holders are hiding at home desperatly hoping the alarms will fix themselves and the next time they turn up at work the place hasn,t been cleaned out,

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