Photobucketwell wots the story wit ya, wots ye been up ta, i,ve been muckin abaht wit me wee web book ,ere - ye kno the ones they give away for nowt else where but ye ripped off for nearly 400 euro in luvverly dubhland, been stickin on things like incredi-mail. at the time it seemed a good idea, havi a more personalised mail, ye uist to be able to do this sort o stuff in gmail at one time but they took that function away from it, it was just a piece of fun, buggers seems not all mailing systems are that compatible anyhoo, its pretty much the same as outlook express, a wee bit more capable than most webmail that yer offered, course the likes of IM seems to be able todo just as much, can,t beat a prog with bells an whistles it makes communicating fun or funnier :)
who the feck still uses stuff like that

udder stuff, loads o crime fightin continue, feck, place is gettin a wee bitty wild, feck the number of arrests this week so far is a bit head wreckin, wtf is goin on, no doubt all the recessionistas will hav sum view onnit, hmmmmmmmm, feck-off to them

other than that we got the count down to Paddy,s Day then i,m off ta SCOTLAND, wahey

had a weeken o watchin old sci-fi stuff, that was a bit of a laff, most the sites with movies on them usually hav nowt but shit, a pleasant suprise for a change,

more virus,s. bugger an bollox, spent ages recently just gettin bugs oot ma puters, every sodin thin goin aboot, anti XP and a good few others, eveb stuff sent by mail once again, gimme peace ya bunch o freakozoids

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