Photobucketso yet another post, even more whinging, went and deleted shit loads o mail this morn, prob around 4years worth of the stuff stuck on gmail,but settin up incredimail was just a pain in the butt if you want mail forwarded to the one account, no type of filter or the like, it just kept sendin ye every item in the archive, wasn,t gonna do anythin with them, bet ya google was, but hey, fuck em,

went onto some free ebook site, download some guff, turnin ma wee machine into all it can be, a multi taskin multi media toy that i dont really need, but then have you ever did 14hr night shifts, spent years doin this crap, shit most night guards could become film critics and the like, we develop shit loads of talents abilities and qualitites that suppose be better put to use, yet another one for the recessionistas to dabble with,
anyhoo off in a couple of hours and it will be off to slumberland for me, got a bit of the weekend off, why not come over and see me

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