Photobucketyet another night of complete bollox, loads of shit just not happenin wit the e/mail prog, its now forwarding me mail i sent bus doesn,t ave me name on any line wot so ever the demented fucker that it is, wot ye s,posed ta do, can,t get outlook express to work at all, wots the story there, the customising continues naturally, who the hell wants a bleedin ugly lookin windows lookin thing, so new icons , fonts , start-ups splash screens wot ,ave u, wot else kin ye do to make the thing a wee bit better to play with, mean am s,posed ta interact it dis thingy, but its a poxy lookin git at times, so at the mo i,ve got some retarded old skool rock bangin outta its tinny speakers, wot joy, at least it,s noise :)

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