bollox, back in me hometown for a few days, how the hell did ever evolve into some one as svelvte as gosh wow as i is from such a hill billy shit hole, nah seriously, wtf is goin on here in the land that time totally ignored, feck is bout all i can say, wot ye s,posed ta do wit yersell during daylight hours, this was previously a seaside resort town in some other era or dimension, feck its got an outrageous amount of oldies crinkling aboot , sittin in some poncey wine type bar or whatever its s,posed ta be, wot fun, forget all this barista lark that ye get everywheres now, ive recently had some of the worst coffee i,ve ever experienced, all in the one wee town an all. how do they manage it, there is very few moving parts in coffee making, it most definatly is not rocket feckin science, golfis a load of bollox by the way, just never got into the pringled and checked lifestyle regardless of how dayglo it can become, waste of a good feckin field most golf courses are. plant some drugs in these fields and lets have some real opium for the mass,s :)

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